Upon hearing pianist Jason Myers for the first time, it becomes obvious that he has a deep affinity and respect for the music he is playing. Drawing primarily from a wide repertoire of standards from the 1930's and 1940's, he has the ability of capturing the spirit of that time while simultaneously adding his own distinct voice. His style has been influenced by "Fats" Waller, Nat "King" Cole, and Dave McKenna and he has been admired by such artists as Liza Minnelli and Steve Allen

Myers' CD's include "The Jason Myers Trio: Sentimental Journey", "The Jason Myers Trio: Cookin' At Houston's", "Body And Soul" (solo), and "Seems Like Old Times" (solo).

Starting in February 1998, Myers was the resident pianist at Hillstone (formerly Houston's Restaurant) in San Francisco for just shy of thirteen years. He performed solo piano until forming a trio in 2001 which led to the CD, "The Jason Myers Trio: Cookin' At Houston's". The Jason Myers Trio held steady five nights a week for over nine years until the gig ended in January 2011. 

Since 2005, Myers has been performing his nostalgic music program “Seems Like Old Times” which features songs from the 1920’s-1940’s with commentary about the music and the composers. 


Jason has also been recognized as a talented songwriter. Most notable is his collaboration with Steve Allen. After their initial meeting in 1997, Allen was inspired to write lyrics to several of Myers' songs. The first completed work was "They Said It Wouldn't Last" and was recorded by vocalist Carol Jolin. Myers has also won awards from the International Song Contest, Unisong International Song Contest and from the Virginia Organization of Composers and Lyricists. 


Besides his own projects, Jason has also performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival with Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band, The Brian Kane Trio, Mal Sharpe's Big Money In Dixieland, and been an accompanist for vocalists, Maye Cavallaro, Shanna Carlson, Carolyne Swayze, Jennifer Lee, Jackie Ryan, and Mary Stallings.