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I'm thrilled to announce a musical collaboration with product designer and author, Lori Weitzner, to promote her book "Ode To Color: The Ten Essential Palettes for Living and Design".  Lori has organized her palettes into what she calls "Color Worlds" with each world reflecting specific moods and/or feelings.

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From Lori's web site:


What if colors have a taste, What would blue taste like? 
What if colors have a sound, What would purple sound like? 
What if colors have a sensation, What would red feel like? 
What if colors can look back at you, What would green say?

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BLUES: Seafoam, Saffire, Ink, Teal, Iceberg, Acqua, Teal, Robin's Egg, Cobalt, Lagoon, Prussian.

What is your Color World? Take Lori's quiz.

"Garden Party"

PASTEL COLORS: Pink, Peach, Wisteria, Magnolia, Lychen, Lemongrass, Lavender, Buttercup, Coral, Powder Blue, Celadon.

What is your Color World? Take Lori's quiz.